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What is Homelessness?
Homelessness is the absence of a place to live. An individual that has a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not meant for human habitation is experiencing homelessness. Anyone can experience homelessness. Although the root cause is poverty, underlying issues include:
• Challenges with physical or mental health
• Violence or abuse in the home
• Lack of employment
• An inability to find affordable housing

Positive Change, Not Loose Change

Do's and Don'ts in Addressing Homelessness

DO make donations to organizations that assist homeless individuals
DON’T encourage panhandling by giving money, food, clothes, etc.
DO treat an individual experiencing homelessness with dignity and respect
DO report illegal activity to the authorities
DO call 9-1-1 for emergencies
DON’T allow anyone to camp on your property
DO offer information where help is offered

Social Work Action Group (SWAG)
The Social Work Action Group (SWAG) is the City’s contracted homeless service provider. SWAG is a boots-on-the-ground effort to work with our local individuals experiencing homelessness.

SWAG’s Mission is to:
“…advocate, educate and inspire marginalized individuals and families in the Inland Empire to achieve sustainable independence through community support.”

If you currently experiencing homelessness please call:
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